Thursday, September 25, 2008

So pretty much....

Most thing are OK. Went to Tahoe over the weekend was nice for the most part. Looking forward to a relaxing weekend though I doubt that will happen. It is the bros b-day which means family and a large to do from the mother since it is her baby's bday. Not that I really mind, it means a nice dinner and cake too.

Have been really wanting to cook lately. Ironic since I don't have a kitchen but I guess that is how it goes. Much cheaper to cook than eat out though. And since I am trying to save up as much money as I can I need to eat in more.

I am also going to have to follow the fashion advice of Kate. She always looks so cute and does not seem to spend a lot. I don't think that I can put off buying new clothes for much longer. I will not look office appropriate soon.

Have some pictures to post but I am still working on uploading them. I think that I need to start using flicker it seems to be better than what I am using. Soon.

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